Ray Rail, LLC
President: Jan H. Zicha, P. E.
Phone: 240.274.3304
Email: jzicha@rayrail.com

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RayRail, LLC is a new firm. However, its members have highly relevant expertise as follows:

High Speed Rail - Unique international design, research and development of high-speed rail systems for speeds up to 218 mph. Introductory guidance, comparative technology selection studies, master plans, and feasibility studies for multibillion dollar high speed rail projects.


* Seoul – Pusan High Speed Rail Project feasibility and preliminary design in Korea 1989 to 1991. This is now the fastest high speed rail line in the world

* Berlin-Prague-Vienna Feasibility Study of 1993, East-West High-Speed Rail Feasibility Study generated in 1994 and 1995.

* Rapid Transit, Heavy Rail, Light Rail Systems, Special Guided Transportation Systems, Monorails, Automatic People Movers, and Magnetically Levitating Passenger Transportation Systems in USA, Europe, Asia and South America.