Ray Rail, LLC
President: Jan H. Zicha, P. E.
Phone: 240.274.3304
Email: jzicha@rayrail.com

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Better Railways for Less

1. An “X-Ray” Equivalent for Railway Track

Ray Rail, LLC, is a specialty engineering firm representing GIMPULSPraha spol. s r.o. (www.gimpuls.cz) in North America. GIMPULSPraha spol. s.r.o. provides non-intrusive geotechnical exploration of railway track by remote sensing methods of engineering geophysics second to none. Geotechnical profiles are made through foundation materials, subballast and ballast of railway track for design, diagnostics, construction quality control, maintenance diagnostics and planning purposes at a fraction of actual drilling cost, often at a speed of train. The knowledge of foundation properties is essential for proper design and/or evaluation of railway track for endurance and achievable speed.

2. High-Speed Rail and Advanced Conventional Rail Design

Ray Rail, LLC, is a new firm offering extensive global experience in high-speed rail and rapid transit rail systems gained during the last forty years by its founder and his associates on three continents. The Ray Rail, LLC, has an access to proven innovations and advanced engineering features proven to minimize capital investment costs and/or operational maintenance to enhance economic viability of railway lines by smart engineering features.

3. Elimination of Public Funding in Implementation of Railway Passenger Transportation Projects

Ray Rail, LLC, reflects experience gained during global participation in high-speed rail planning and provides advisory services on implementation of railways by private finance. While certain degree of state financing may be necessary at early stages of the projects, and long term state guarantees may be required by private investors, the Ray Rail’s concept has a potential to eliminate federal financing completely by direct connection of the railway transportation entity to the economic development it generates.